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Give pets a nice home

The cat is a lazy creature, usually if there is nothing worthy of the cat to worry about, the cat can always keep high and cold to shovel excrement officer cry, if the excrement officer wants to pull the cat childish behavior, it will give you a condescending show, what is called a ride to dust.

As a love pet master, how to make a comfortable nest to them, still need a little idea really. It is no longer a free-range, free-range. In the past, cats and dogs to keep out the cold, that basic old sweaters, old quilts to deal with. Today, in addition to special clothes and shoes, there are also their own pet blankets.

Of course, if the house is big, you can choose to configure a special pet villa house, warm in winter and cool in summer, common in four seasons. It can keep warm in winter and cool in summer, making it more powerful

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