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Pet camp

Pet camp

A flexible cloth blanket combined with static pulses can drive away your pet without harming it, keeping it away from wherever you want it to be. It is not only to set up a "fence" for pets at home, but also to play a role in training pets to correct their bad habits. When pet paw and carpet surface contact, will trigger a moderate static pulse, as well as the "drop" sound the alarm, pet tried repeatedly and continuously, frustration will take the initiative to give up, to reach the effect of training, pets and isolated from the "forbidden zone" in the home, protect home carpet, a sofa, a desk, a bedroom, valuables,etc.

If you have pets in the house, either no carpeting or handmade carpeting, and try not to have woven carpeting.


Why do you say that? First of all, a healthy and comfortable environment is a must in home life, especially when there are old people and children in the home. Hand-knotted carpets are made by hand and do not need glue to fix them. A woven carpet needs glue to hold it in place. As the saying goes, there must be glue aldehyde, so the machine-woven carpet containing glue aldehyde does not suit the family to use. Next, manual carpet is short velvet carpet, not easy hide dirt and dirt. Finally, manual carpet is cleaned extremely easy do, need cleaner to clear daily only can, although there is meal residue on carpet to wait, also be cleared very easily.

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